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DoF is negotiating contract renewals when that is my responsibility

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I have taken responsibility for all contract discussions for the First team, B team, Under 23s, and Under 18s, as shown in the attached screenshot, Torquay United Contract Discussion. But every now and then, I will get a notification from the Director of Football that a player from my Under 18s has accepted an updated contract, as shown in the screenshot Benjamin Garwood Contract Announcement. There are no earlier messages indicating that the players in question are unhappy with their contract, or that the DoF is starting a contract negotiation.

In most cases, the players in question were already on long term contracts, and the new contracts have earlier expiry dates than the ones they replace, while also being signed less than half a season (sometimes even only a few weeks) after the player either signed for the club or signed their previous updated contract. This fact is noted in the contract announcement, as being a cause of some concern for the supporters as they are unsure that the player deserves a new contract so soon after signing the previous one.

The only reason I can see why this would occur is that the contract announcement comes on the player's birthday, but as I have taken charge of all contract negotiations the game should, at most, prompt me with a message that a player's birthday is approaching and a new contract may be in order. As it stands, the DoF is overstepping the boundaries I have set for him so he is one step away from me firing his disrespectful ass.

Torquay United Contract Discussion.JPG

Benjamin Garwood Contract Announcement.JPG

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Interesting wording on that screen where it states that you are responsible for contract discussions and not contract renewals as it is on my game.  Are you playing the full game?

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Yes, playing the full game, via Steam. Game version is 21.4.0-1540115.

I guess the interesting question would be how the game engine differentiates between contract discussions (sounds like that might be for new contracts), and renewals. Except that I have had quite a few players after a promotion to a higher division start making noises about wanting new contracts, and that is on me to resolve.

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What I think has happened here is that there was already a pre-agreement contract with this youth player for when they turned 17. Looks like a 'new' contract has been signed, but in fact was already in place when you became manager. 

If you've got an older save you can check by looking under their contract panel. 

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