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FM21 - The Silverware Hunter

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This is quite a simple concept.

Win a League title with a club in a nation..

Then move on...

Then Repeat...

and Repeat...

There are 211 nations recognised by FIFA - can someone win the top divisional league title in each and every one of them? No... but how many can they do?

I'm starting with zero experience and/or badges and plan to simply meander around the world, wracking up the trophies. But once that title is secured its time to move on to the next hat to call my home.

I don't want to manage in the same continent back to back so that is my only condition at this stage.

First up... American Samoa

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First step on a side journey:


One month down and it's got better - well anything can be better than being beaten by your reserves..


We sit 2nd

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September 2020

Not a great month as we continue to try and find our feet. A late show against Green Bay was the only reason we picked up any points in that one.


4 games left - if we get top 5 then we can still get out of this nation at the first attempt


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Absolute capitulation...


The league campaign finishes in 9th and ensures we do have a 2nd season at this level.


We do have the Transition stage to focus on - or the crap teams filling time for next year.. which gives us 4 more matches before the end of season. Can we find some pride?


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Posted (edited)

The only positive is that we have had a transfer window opening..


Faoa-Danielson has got 14 goals in the league so far this season and is considered the best player on the Island


The transition stage, shows a side that is in transition - 9 debutants for the opening game of this stage. 2 victories and a defeat (we were 2-0 up and cruising). Will take that. 


We achieved the absolute bare minimum of what was expected of us



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Massively long pre-season in American Samoa so went back to school..


April saw the transfer window open and we were busy..

Chris Fa'amoana appears to be the best of the bunch adding to an already decent strike force - he got 9 for Vaiala Tongan last year at this level


Pago Youth are the best club on the Islands by all accounts so to have stolen 3 of them feels nice



Been a long time since i saw an injury this bad. He was probably our 3rd or 4th striker and this may as well end his career.



That covers November to August...

Now it's time to play some games

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August 2021

We love a late show - both games were level going into time added on.. forget Fergie time.. we've got Kibworth time over here...


2 other sides are sitting pretty with us with a 100% record.

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