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Club "cannot sign this player until the transfer embargo is lifted" indefinitely

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Hiya guys! 


So: Loaded a game up with Roma (if that matters), with the setting "restrict transfers during the first transfer window" on for the first time. The issue is, this setting seems to be stuck and I'm now well into my second year without the ability to make offers to players despite no visible limit seems to be there. The club is rich, not under reconstruction and so on. In the second window, I used the editor to transfer a few players around (I've already given up playing this save realistically) but it annoys me that I'm unable to do it the normal way. This issue seems to affect "development loans" as well, where I'm able to only accept loan offers. 

I've attached a screen on the message I get when I try to make an offer to a player. Anyone knows what's up? 


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