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**SUGGESTION** Animation quality and believability

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I am not sure of the logistics behind this or if it is possible as there is probably engine limitations or something i dont know,  as I am not a games developer, but shouldnt the animations be more realistic for a $40 game where I have to heavily mod the game myself to use real leagues/kits/player pictures due to the limited licensing (which is understandable).

like it is so infuriating watching my players do a slow walk into an opponent and then just walk in a circle around them, or when a player tries to mark and tackle they just stand there staring at them, then the goalkeepers have extremely weird animations, they will just dive on the spot or move away and then dive towards the ball, So I guess the main features I am talking about is the running/skill move animations and the animations when players interact with each other instead of walking in circles.

for example, when a striker is in the box and he can either go past the defender on the left or right in real life the striker will run left then feint it move the ball to the right and attempt a power/curl shot, but in football manager they will just stand there doing extremely slow walking staring at eachother until either the defender tackles him or he just randomly speeds past him

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