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I'd be interested in hearing your experience with this.

I find that even within a winning system and a very well performing team, getting DMs (anchor men, for example) to achieve a high average rating is very difficult.

For me this has also been the case with CMs who aren't expected to score or assist much - the match engine rarely seems to think they've had an exceptional game. 


Has this been the case for you as well?





A couple of examples. Palhinha mostly played as an anchor man.

Both of them have been a part of very succesful seasons.

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In my 4132 DM narrow, its a constant. And its not just bad ratings, they are terrible. 6.2 to 6.5, on different players (even different roles). If they get an assist, they might get a 7. I like using the CM cause you can instruct it to suit the player strengths. But yeah I feel the game doesnt appreciate those positions/roles

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I play exactly the same shape and have noticed the same thing although not to the same extent. 

My DM is a DLP(su) and the left cm is a CM (s).

They do their job so I'm less focused on what their avg rating is. And while they're avg ratings are a lot lower than the rest of team they are not 'bad'. Always between 6.8 and 7 over the season. 

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Well if you have a lot of the ball and aren't defending much they won't do a whole lot. The DM-D is a fairly vanilla role, they will win the ball back and protect the back 4 and won't take many risks with their passes. As long as he's winning the tackles that he has to, or is marking the correct players I don't know what else he can do (maybe there's an argument to be made that the ME should factor things like marking and pressing into ratings? idk). If your defence is solid and he's playing well in your eyes I wouldn't be bothered about his rating. 

I usually play a DLP-D in the DM role and he can get really high ratings solely because he will ping accurate long passes across the pitch, I don't think his defensive actions are really factored in that much

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I agree with what the other posters are saying. If you’re dominating possession & controlling games then your defensive midfielders are making fewer (if any) key interventions & tackles. If they’re doing their jobs well with regards to marking & closing down the opposition then they are stopping those players from gaining possession thus denying their own opportunity to make a key tackle. Perhaps the center backs are getting higher ratings because of heading balls that have gone over the top of your DMs?

Think about scenarios when a goalkeeper would have an exceptional game. It would be when they’re under constant pressure & being peppered with shots thus allowing them to make great saves. It’s the same with your DM & center backs.

You could give your DM more of a ball playing role like DLP (d) but I’m not sure I’d go changing anything in a winning formula. Perhaps find a DM who is solid defensively but has better ability on the ball with some suitable PPMs.

Your Mez is going to pull oppositional players out wide with him to create space in the middle which could play a vital part in creating a goal scoring opportunity but I very much doubt that the player rating will reflect this. It doesn’t mean that it’s not working though. 

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