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I have scouts based in different nations on ongoing assignments in each of the Scandinavian countries. I wanted to scout some players based in Iceland so I selected all the players (13), left clicked then, picked the scout based in Iceland to scout the players as I didn't want any extra cost scouting them. But when I look at the list as shown in the picture all my different scouts has gotten the assignments anyway. As shown in the top right I have picked the specific scout who has gotten the assignment (Per Westergaard), but in the list the staff assigned to the tasks are not him.

Also there is a weird thing, where the scouting priorities are minus. Haven't seen that before.

Before this I had just assigned all these to the scouting pool so it was random scouts. Then I canceled them and choose a specific scout instead. And now I get this.

Hope you can help. I have attached a screenshot but I was not allowed to attached the save file, because the file was too big.


FM Scouting bug.png

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Problem solved. When I continued the game the staff names had corrected themselves. I assume it was a bug, where the scouting centre remembered the name from the just canceled assignment and couldn't switch it out right away.

But now it's here should anyone else encounter the same problem.


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