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[FM21] I did not write half of what I saw, for I knew I would not be believed


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May 2031


We started the month by losing to Cagliari which made worry a little bit about our title chances but luckily we managed to beat Bologna even thought we were not really playing that great. At home against Real Madrid it was very different to the away game as we comfortably got into the lead and controlled the game but then in 88th minute Real scored from a counterattack and we had to go into overtime where our boys had more strength and we eventually battled it out thanks to Fuerte. Next on we smash Chievo but Valente and Puig both got injured so I was not very happy. Even though we only drew against Salernitana it was enough to secure the title win a we got a double, or treble if we count Super Cup. 





Can we get a revenge?!




We will miss two key players (Valente and Kadlec) and one of their replacement (Puig).

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Champions League Final 2031




We did it! We got the revenge on Man City and with this win my Italian campaign is completed. I believe we were the better side the finals even though we were missing some of our key players, to be honest it was the italian fans that most likely pushed us through as the finals were in Rome. We are first italian winners since 2010 when Mourinho's Inter won the trophy, so 21 years of waiting.


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Season 2030/31





Great news for all the fans!


Still only three players made it into the Serie A best eleven.






In Champions League we got at least one winger in the team of the year :D


Mrkela wins the goalie of the year!


Our boy Santiago Herrera in third place behind Krilanovich and Mbappe!


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Following the CL win I resigned from the Fiorentina seat as I finished Italy in terms of this save's rules.


Iceland is added to the active leagues list and the list now consists of Armenia, Luxembourg, Iceland, Greece and Montenegro. This will be tough now, I either can go to Greece and try to win CL with greek team or go into some smaller country and try to reach Europa League semifinals, or to win Europa League in the case of Luxembourg.

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What happened to Jagiellonia?!


I was worried they would slowly fade away but last year they won the title again and proved me wrong :) In 2027/28 they got only one point in Champions League group consisting of Real Madrid, Celtic and AEK which was a shame. Year later they managed third place in CL group with Porto, Liverpool and Dinamo Zagreb but then lost in the first round of KO against Düsseldorf. 2029/30 saw Jagiellonia finish third in EL group with Dinamo Moscow, Athletic Bilbao and Salzburg, advancing to Europa Conference where they managed to reach finals where they lost 4-1 to Frankfurt. On their way they advanced past Altach, Austria, Legia and Valencia. Last season they easily advanced from 1st place in EL group with Gorica, Frankfurt and Gent just to lose to Sevilla in 1st KO round.


The core of the team seems to be similar to when I left with Zurawski, Heidenreich, Kubica, Kowalczyk and Bida. Sobczyk is also someone I brought in even though he joined after I resigned. I am surprised that Kubica is still in the club, I thought he would be far, far away at this point. He is now a starter for Poland, Jagiellonia captain, best Ekstraklasa player and he's worth 13m.



What happened to the rest?

Amine Essahel left Jagiellonia for Newcastle in 2023 for 7mil after making 65 appearances and scoring 28 goals. For Newcastle Amine made 78 appearances and scored 19 goals. In 2026 he joined RB Leipzig for 26m and made 90 league appearances and scored 13 goals, helping the team secure DFB-Pokal win in 2029. After that he joined Arsenal for 14m before last season but has yet to make a league appearance for the club. He played 89 matches for Morocco and scored 15 goals, he was also three times shortlisted for African Player of the Year.

Luka Uzelac left Jagiellonia year after Essahel for Gladbach where he never really became a starting player so Gladbach sold him to Hannover where he established himself before getting bought by Leeds for 6m in 2026. Since then he made 157 appearances for Leeds in both Premier League and Championship. He played 67 games for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Matevž Vučkovič also left for Gladbach and ever since that he played for five teams in six years, namely Leeds, Hamburger, Almeria and Düsseldorf. 59 appearances and 10 goals for Slovenia.

Following players left after I departured the club:

Nelson Alvarez went through San Sebastian and Girona before establishing himself as starting player for Crystal Palace in PL. He has never started for Uruguay.

Gojko Manojlovič joined AC Milan from Jagiellonia but made only two appearances before he was sold to Sampdoria. After two season in Genoa he was sent to Aston Villa as part of the exchange and is now a squad player. He has made 21 appearances for Serbia.

Dominik Filipp was bought by Bayern for 5m and made twelve appearances for the Bavorian club. Filipp joined his current club Schalke 04 in 2029 for 17m and so far made 32 appearances for the club.

Pavel Nový left for Liverpool for 10m and has currently made 94 league appearances and scored 43 league goals for the club. He won Premier League and Club Worlds Championship with the club as well as won the World U21 Footballer of the Year. He made 53 appearances for Czech Republic in which he scored 25 goals.

Norbert Mrozek joined Schalke 04 for 23m in 2028 and has currently made 82 appearances in which he scored 25 goals. He has 37 apps and 14 goals for Poland.

Karel Javorek also joined Schalke 04 for 18m in 2029 and became starting player for the club. Schalke's old manager, Phillip Cocu, must have really been a fan of mine :D

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Progres Niederkorn

Lets see how the team stacks up.



Four goalies but none of them is good :D



Looks like defense might be our strong suit as our best players plays there.. but oh.. he can play everywhere it seems.



The best players with an exception of Loua will leave in two weeks.



Not much to see here.


Key players:




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Luxembourg National Division


Last season, first team gets CL, 2nd to 4th goes to Europa Conference. There is one professional club in Jeunesse Esch and the rest is semi-professional.


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August 2031


Decent start to the season.





We signed bunch of players and probably the best of the pack is Angga Setyawan, Indonesian national team player, but unfortunately he cant play for the team until the second half of the season.



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October 2031


We beat the only professional club in Luxembourg Jeunesse Esch! It's the first time they drop points this season so they likely still overcome us as they have one game in hand.


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