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How can I refund game if it is bought from Steam? Should I contact steam or SI games?

I am playing this game even before Franchise divided with CM, first time asking for a refund. I bought game to play Turkish league and after second season foreign player rule is literally ****ed up. It wasn't fun to play anymore. Moreover when people raise their concerns moderators are answering in rude behaviour. If your main goal reaching realism, in Turkey one day you can be enemy, next day a hero. Implement ability to change rules during off-season. A stupid hardcoded rule that you put stays in game for 20 years, although rules change in this country in the middle of season. Don't look for cheap realism which won't be valid anyway in a few years. This kind of changes kicks the fun out of game and disrespectful to customer.

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You have to contact the retailer you bought it from.

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