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Greetings all;

Apologies if I'm in the wrong spot but I've finally come back to FM after a few years away/playing provisionally due to work and other life commitments (growing up sucks).

I've been working on my variation of the Tiki-Taka play style and want to rebuild a club from the ground up much like Spain did when they started the Tiki-Taka revolution nearly two decades ago (has it really been that long?)

The issue I'm finding is whenever I hire a coach/AM/Youth manager who has Tiki-Taka as their tactical style, once they join me that changes to some other random style (everything from Catenaccio and Park the Bus to Control Possession)

While my own AM (thankfully) seems to have retained the Tiki-Taka tactical style, my two queries are as follows

1) any idea why this issue is happening?

b) does it even really matter? (and follow up to this, will that change over time?)

My goal is to play the same setup from the u18 to the top club so the players develop similarly so its a smooth transition from one level to the next, as I'm trying to keep a very small squad after a near lifetime of playing with multiple good players in each position and loaning them out to fund my scouting and transfer habits...I'm trying to mature and change :)

Any and all thoughts would be much appreciated.

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It doesn’t matter.

For developing players make sure you control at least their individual training and set your youth teams to use the same tactic as your senior squad.

You could have an HoYD with a favoured formation and technical style similar to what you are after. That may help some youth players be a better fit from the get go, but it’s not essential.

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