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Match Performance review is beyond stupid

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I mean just look at this, 3 goal victories are somehow at most C+, a cup win against a very good team a division above is not even A+ despite us outplaying them, any loss or draw is either E or F, whole season apart from this month I've been smacking teams left and right yet my match performance was never higher than C+, the only ever so called 'criticism' in those wins is either: 'disappointed at low goal difference" yes even in 2 goal difference wins and against better or equivalent quality teams, or: "disappointed at the teams inability to retain possession" when 1: no where in the club vision does it state that we're supposed to play possession based football, and 2: even when the difference is very minor like 46% to 54%. The only good thing is that we're at the very least overachieving and are in 1st place but it's still annoying and I'm wondering if it's been fixed or planned to be fixed for FM 22?


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