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[Suggestion] Apply actions to multiple players

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First of all I'm using FMT18 so if this has been implemented in a more recent version of the game I apologize.

Every year or so, I get a report telling me which players are almost out of contract. When you have a large squad it can take a long time to renew all the contracts, so I was quite happy to see a button at the bottom to leave the negotiations to my Director of Football. This is all great when you want to renew the contracts of all the players. I'd like to be able to select the players and tell the Director of Football to only renew the contracts of these players and ignore the other ones.

At the start of the season I want to change the status of several of my reserve players to "available for loan". At the moment I need to go to each individual player, press "transfers" and change the status. It would be a huge time-saver if I could select multiple players from the reserves Home Screen and change the status of all the selected players to "available for loan".

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