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Hello I am having a problem that a lot of teams have in real life my tactic works well in some league but can't compete in other leagues can I make this more adept at playing Championship teams? 

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I don’t know the players but I would start with scrutinizing your midfield and what you want to accomplish. You have BBM which pretty much explains what he’s trying to do (active impact all over pitch, penalty box runs, etc.). The other two roles don’t really have definition in my eyes. You have a defensive MF that is really just a screener for you center backs but based on both CBs being BPD they likely bypass him in build up play to the two more progressive midfielders. If that’s the intent, what’s the third midfielder doing? What’s his role? Should he orchestrate play from deep/advanced? Should he be a BWM utilized to break up play? Should he be someone that offers more wide option with attacking mentality (mez) or defensively minded (car)? 

there’s no wrong answer here but I think if you commit to understanding how you want your mf3 to work and what they offer your buildup and defensive structure you’ll be well ahead. 

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