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Hi, I have alot of strikers I need to make use of and I want to create a 4-3-3 tactic that has alot of movement, but not necessarily alot of possession. It should not be an all out counter attack, but that should be one of the main goal threats.   

I'm struggling to really get it right and perform. 

I would think a high tempo and pass into space would be the correct settings. But what about mentality? I'm thinking the two midfielders on either sides of the CMD should be runners, like a box to box and a mezzala, or two box to box. This principle should then also apply in the three forwards, where I have a Deep lying forward support and then two AF on the sides who runs and chaces the ball (as far as i know, these roles are the only forwards who does that).

At last I have wing backs, but i'm not certain if they should be attacking because sometimes I get exposed on the counter.

Any ideas on how to improve this?


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Initial reactions….


change central midfielder to DLP-D/S. You’re 3 up front are already a bit isolated and this may help facilitate some build up play. 

Have you considered moving either two wide strikers out wide OR dropping central striker into AMC strata? I don’t d we use 3 striker system but I imagine there’s a big gap you’re asking you MF to advance the ball into. To boot, your Wing backs are the only guys providing width for support, attack, and defense.

The issues with the gap between midfield and attack is likely exasperated by higher tempo. Currently you’re likely seeing your Defenders launch hopeful balls upfield with low success rate. 

Lastly, you’re setup is very narrow positionally. Nothing wrong with that approach but you’re essentially asking the wingbacks to solely cover wide areas for length of pitch since you have no wide midfielders nor attackers. I would play normal width to allow midfielders to better support wingbacks in defense. On top of that you’re asking them to counter press after routinely losing possession on the low percentage passes referenced above. I imagine they are consistently gassed.


if your stuck on this formation as it is I would a) change BBM to Mez as you don’t need any more central runners in the box, b) change DLF to TM to give your long passes more conviction, c) PI the wide strikers to stay wider so you have a big more space in penalty box, d) remove force wide defensive structure, e) change CMD to DLP, f) use BPD for one if your defender roles to have some over the top attempts.



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