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Vertical Tiki-Taka, how to keep everyone from stacking up in the box?

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I've been running Vertical Tiki Taka and for the most part it works quite well, except...

I'll have some matches where my Gx will be excellent, but I'll fail to score.  What is happening is that I end up with 3-4 players and accompanying defenders stacked up right in front of the goal in the box.  They are then shooting when they get the ball, and sometimes multiple rebounds, but since the box is so congested, it just ends up in block after block.  These register as good Gx shots, but they really aren't, because there's a wall of defenders (and their teammates) in front of the goal.

How do I open space in the box without losing the good parts of the tactic?

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Are you playing the default version?  I would up the width one notch to try and open up space between the defenders, maybe up the mentality to positive?  Make your wing backs more aggressive to stretch the lines?

Difficult without the tactic info such as formation/roles

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I know that it may sound a little strange, but if you are facing trouble with the original version, did you ever happen to put the tactic on Rate my Tactic (https://ratemytactic.web.app/) and see what does it say? It can be a nice tool as a starting point, telling you about roles/duties combinations that are not exactly the best ones and pointing you some gaps on your team. Then you can follow its path and adjust the tactic accordingly to what you see on games.

It is also a fantastic tool on some level because it compares all the player instructions that come with the roles/duties and mix them with the mentality and Tis to tell you if they have a good chance of working together.

Sometimes is easier to use the tool to find a good path.

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The tester was great thank you.  The one thing I've noticed about it is its REALLY hard to make a 'perfect' tactic where all the minimum numbers for support, penetration and solidity are met.  Solidity especially is very difficult.  It basically seems essential that you have a DM to get close to 15.5  But still definitely makes you think through the details.

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