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create a semi-open european superleague


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Hi everybody,

I would like to create a continental competition system for Europe that consist in a semi-open tournament ("superleague") and other tournaments for the teams that are not qualified for the Superleague.

There would be :

- Superleague (12 teams, with a group stage then play-off). The first 8 teams of the groupe stage would be qualified for the superleague of next season. The 4 other teams would be the winner and the finalist of Champions league.

- Champions League : 1 team from each European country (the best team in the domestic league among those that are not qualified for the superleague)


- (...) other cups

I've tried something (see the picture) but that does not work :




When I launch a game with these parameters, the first problem is that for the first year, superleague has only English teams :



The second problem is for the following seasons : at the end of first season, the first 4 teams of Champions league were Paris, Zebre,  Manchester City, Salzburg :



And the qualified teams for next superleague are :




I don't understand what is going on.
What is sure is that my attempt did not work. Does someone have a solution for what I want to do ?


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I've tried with the "advanced rules" but it is still not working. 


I also tried with "Get best teams in competition", but it does not work either.

When I lauch a game I get the following :
2019-2020 : superleague is inactive, there is only the champions league (ok, that is correct)
2020-2021 : superleague is played with the best 12 teams from previous champions league (ok, that is what I want), and champions league is played with 16 other teams from countries I have selected. (ok)
But then there are problems :

2021-2022 : all the teams that were in the superleague in 2020-2021 are not in this competition any longer. Superleague is played with the best 12 teams from 2020-2021 champions league.

What I want is that the first 8 of superleague 2020-2021 keep being in the superleague for 2021-2022, and the best 4 teams of champions league 2020-2021 join the superleague for 2021-2022.

2022-2023 : all the teams that were in the superleague in 2021-2022 are not in this competition any longer. Superleague is played with the best 12 teams from 2021-2022 champions league.

Any ideas ?


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It means you have two variants of qualificaiton. One for the initial version which is working and a second one which isn't there.

What you need to do is creat a copy of your rules, set the end year for the first set of rules, set a start year for the second set of rules and then make those rules such that they pick the teams the way you want.

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28 minutes ago, JBMSL said:

Thank you for your answer. Do you mean I have to make 2 different files, one for each variant of qualification, and then select the 2 files qhen I launch a new game ?

No, you can do it in one file. You need two versions of your championship in the same, where you set the validity of the championship. First version set to 2020 and the second active from 2021

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