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A promise was made to a player that he will be loaned out. When a loan of his choice was rejected and when confronted, a "blank" message appears.

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Summary: A blank line shows when confronted over breaking a "loan player out" promise.

Description of Issue: Three loan offers come for Ivan Ristanovic, with a promise that he will be loaned out. I rejected the loan offer from Partizan over their proposed Squad Status even if it is his preferred destination, and I get confronted over it. When responding that the proposed loan offer's Squad Status is not good enough and then making a promise to continue to find him a loan, a blank message occurs and he remains hurt.

Steps to Reproduce: If starting from paris_reject_ristanovic_loan.fm, three loan offers come in for Ristanovic. Reject the loan offer from Partizan, triggering him to confront you. My rationale for rejecting is because Partizan is offering him "Fringe Player" status. Ristanovic still is not convinced, so you bring back the promise, and after that, I see the screenshot as shown below.

If starting from paris_ristanovic_is_mad.fm, then the loan was already rejected.

Files Uploaded to the OwnCloudparis_ristanovic_is_mad.fm, paris_reject_ristanovic_loan.fm


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Many thanks for taking the time to flag this to us and provide save games. Our QA team will investigate with the aim of making sure this is addressed for any future versions of FM.  

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