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FM TOUCH feature request


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1. In FM touch, if I'm starting a save with create a club mode, I'd like to have the discretion of changing the facilities and not necessarily have to work with the facilities of the club I'm replacing. It's create a club, and it doesn't seem fair that I've to adopt the facilities of the club I'm replacing.

2. Could you also add player interaction on the level which already exists in the FM mobile version, a few options but yet influential and helpful in morale management. I know FM touch doesn't affect much with the Morales, but it'd be a nice touch

3. Option to request for an affiliate instead of being assigned by the AI. I've seen this happen quite a few times, sometimes I'd be managing a club, say United, and I almost always get an overseas affiliate and that too a continental one, and when I'm managing in the lower leagues, I can only get someone below me and not a senior affiliate. I don't mind the overseas affiliate, but I'd like the option to choose a club where I'd actually find a good use to send my players on loan too.

4. The ability to not use up a scout slot when asking for the scouting dept. to compile match reports of players on loan. Whenever I've tried to ask to compile loan reports, it uses up a scout slot, and instead they work on just the loan reports, instead of working both the assignments whenever possible.

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