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Advice for player who last played FM13

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Hi all

So i just started playing fm13 recently on a whim and really got back into FM. previously I spent a lot of time on FM10 and FM12 but didn't get into FM13 though i had purchased it on release. i believe there were a lot of changes from FM12 to FM13 that i didn't really appreciate at the time. but playing now after a few years not playing FM at all its all fresh to me so didn't mind the changes. still have not got everything about FM13. I seem to remember hating the ME on 13 and the constant passing the ball our of bounds that happed in the lower leagues, where i usually start

so i've been thinking if i should move on to FM21 now. bit worried about new UI and also the criticism of the match engine. if there is a glaring bug in the ME that allows only one type of tactic to really work then i would rather stick to being frustrated with FM13 than having new things i hate :). also bit daunting that its been 8 years and i will ahve to learn a lot of new stuff before i can really start getting things right

what are your thoughts.

also if i use the demo can i continue playing same save if i decide to purchase later? and what restrictions are on the demo?


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There is a lot of changes from FM13 to FM21, but you can try the demo out as you mentioned. And yes, if you buy it, then you can continue your game from the demo.

As to how it works, I personally think it's the best it's ever been, and especially the match engine. I think almost everyone agrees it's improved a lot. The UI is changed quite a bit, but there are mods to download if you really dislike it, that allows you to customise it almost exactly as you want. Asking here though, you'll likely get loads of different answers and none of us can know how you would feel about different things. Some things that doesn't bother you might be game breaking to others, and vice versa, so I advise trying the demo. It is the full game after all, but you can only play for 6 months ingame time.

I've had success with loads of different tactics, but I think that more attacking ones are a bit more potent than lower blocks. Still not impossible, just a bit harder if you really love defending deep and soaking up pressure.

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thanks demo is scheduled for download tonight if real football doesn't get in the way. feel so bad about abandoning my team in FM13 now :(

i guess its a good game when you are actually emotionally attached to it haha


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