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What is the value of high teamwork?

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The effects of low teamwork are quite obvious: players will blatantly ignore tactical instructions and they will be very reluctant to give up the ball. If I am scouting a player who has low or mediocre teamwork it will always be a big negative for me, but on the other hand I am never quite sure what to make of a player who has very high teamwork. I know there are benefits beyond just following instructions and being unselfish, but the descriptions always feel a bit vague to me. For instance, how does the awareness of teammates offered by teamwork differ from the awareness granted by vision? Does teamwork have any other unique effects or can I think of it as an attribute that boosts all the other mental attributes slightly?

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You noted it, but one of the key things I noticed is that high teamwork players are much more likely to actually pass to another player in a better scoring positions. You know those wingers who shoots from narrow angles instead of squaring it to the striker for a tap-in? Often low teamwork while the high teamwork will make that pass. Not every time, but the likelihood of it happening is higher with higher teamwork.

I've also noticed that players with high teamwork easier gets those green lines to indicate a good partnership with the players around them. I would also expect it (in combination with other stats) to make them pick up the slack of other players, ie do the dirty work and let others shine. I consider teamwork a very key attribute even to the extent that I will be more inclined to use a high teamwork player over a "better" player. Not in every case, of course, but it tips the scales at the very least.

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