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Match 48: Ukraine vs England - Saturday 8pm (BST) BBC1 LIVE FROM ROME !!!!!

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1 minute ago, enigmatic said:

I like the way we've realised that tournament games against decent but nothing special opponents are just like qualifying games. 

That and being so far ahead we're doing fancy flicks in our own penalty area 


Yeh I really got that feel from this game. Watching England here has been like watching them in qualifying against a team they're much better than

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Just now, Rob1981 said:





Your missus is in for the night of her life :D

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Never known an England team like this. Genuinely controlling games, fantastic depth, and have even played a couple of top teams in doing that.

Whatever happens this tournament, we’re surely heading into a fantastic era for English football. 80% of the squad haven’t even hit their peak yet.

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Well that was pleasant. Turned a quarter final into a friendly there. Half expecting Rickie Lambert to come on

Was a bit nervous at half time too. Ukraine ended stronger, we struggled to adapt to their formation. 

I don't know what to say. We were great. What a time to be alive


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2 minutes ago, Barry Cartman said:

No extra time :D

Pretty common in Germany with lopsided matches. 

Much better from England in the second half. 

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Posted (edited)
1 minute ago, Barry Cartman said:

We should start a Just Giving page to get Rob to the final 

Dont jinx it now Cartwright :mad:

Edited by av3ry
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4 minutes ago, Gandy said:

What’s the money on Denmark dumping England out in the semi final?

They did win the last time they went to Wembley tbf. So lump on :p

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My ratings:

Pickford - 7: Just cos he had next to nothing to do. One moment of madness but was inconsequential
Walker - 7: Proved a bit shaky at times but no major issues.
Stones - 8: Solid throughout.
Maguire - 8.5: Solid at the back, scored in another QF
Shaw - 5: Sky Sports will say so. personally I'd give him a 9.
Phillips - 7: Movement with Rice in the middle was great although there were times where Ukraine did get let through
Rice - 7: Same as Phillips, but one excellent shot on goal.
Sancho - 8: Constant threat down the flanks
Mount - 7: Did well but couldn't really get properly involved in the goals from what I recall
Sterling - 9: Another excellent performance.
Kane - 9: Redeemed himself after a shocking group stage showing.

Tripper - 6: Not really involved enough as England wound down towards the end
Bellingham - 6: Same as above
Calvert-Lewin - 6: Same as above
Henderson - 7: Finally got his England goal
Rashford - 6: Not really involved much

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6 minutes ago, ginnybob said:

****ing tedious. Worst team in the competition. Turkey would have been better in the Semis. Joke. 

Turkey's fault for being ***** in the groups

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