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Loan Fees

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I've finally got my squad into a position where I have around 6/7 u23 players who get a lot of loan interest from Championship, Premiership & Scottish Premiership teams and I want to start making a bit of money out of it.

I am trying to get these clubs to pay 50% wages + a loan fee for a season long loan. The figure I've gone for is £40k which over a season will give me about £400k which I don't think is unreasonable bearing in mind all the teams say my player would be an important player. I would be probably happy with anything between £25k-£40k to be honest as 5 of them at £200k per month would almost cover my wage bill.

The problem is in the negotiation, they will only ever offer £1.3k maybe rising eventually to about £10k. Is there a specific way/level of player or team to get teams to pay a bit more of loan fees? Is it because I'm asking for wages as well?

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