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Help with 3ATB (desperate)

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Started a save with Lazio - I've always played either 4231 or 433 with most clubs I've managed. However Lazio just don't have the players that fit or the budget to drastically change. So I really need to make a 3 at the back work.

Few things;

1. Wing backs are really strong going forward.

2. Lazio are notoriously a quick hitting transition team which is what I have tried to emulate.

3. Have really strong CB's aerially.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


thumbnail_Desktop Screenshot 2021.06.30 -

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  • I don't understand your defensive instructions in conjunction with each other. Defending high (leaving space behind) and narrow (leaving space out wide where you can already be outnumbered) but not engaging with the opponent until they are in your half? To me that reads like a recipe for disaster. I would redo your defensive strategy from the ground up.
  • I think you can afford for the DM to be given a support duty.
  • I like using Complete Wing Backs, even if the player's attributes don't necessarily scream world class attacking fullback. Their play in the final third just seems more dynamic.
  • The Poacher is a very static role who will depend entirely on service. As with the wingbacks, maybe consider a more dynamic role? 
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The biggest issue with three at the back for me (provided there are no wingers) is that your wing backs often run down cul-de-sacs as they have limited passing options. I wonder if your tactic would suffer in the same manner given you have no attacking midfielder and one of your strikers isn't going to show for the ball much. 

I'd say a defensive midfielder on defend with three central defenders is overkill and you'd be better off using Luis Alberto further up the pitch. 

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this is a thread from FM20 that might help. The final tactic we discussed still works well in FM21, is defensively stable and creates some nice overloads in the midfield.

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