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FM21 - Help with Adding Croatian Third and Fourth League


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I've run into a problem with the Croatian Third and Fourth League when trying to add it.

The game marks the Third League as Inactive and with no real way to change it. There's also conflicting information with various 3rd sub-Divisions and a 3rd league. The Croatian Second League doesn't let you change how many teams get relegated, so I can't add all the sub divisions.

The Fourth League also has its own problem. Despite me putting it at Level 4 on the pyramid, the game never accepts it and tells me that it is not Level 4.

Has anyone done this right or does anyone have a save where I could have this done right?

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1 hour ago, Wolf_pd said:

Is this in advanced rules? Check in the Croatian third league if there is a field saying they are inactive. 


This is my first time even trying Advanced Rules. Where can I go to edit how many teams are relegated from the Croatian Second League?



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