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Sponsorship/outside income cap?

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So i'm using a super league database and am trying to balance the money so the elite clubs dont just have a ridiculous financial advantage over everyone. I have already made every club in the DB fan owned but after a year or so teams like PSG, United get a massive boost in finances due to their sponsorship income. 

To try to put it so that no club becomes so financially dominant through any means other than competition and success on the pitch. Due to the sheer financial differences between the clubs in the division i have also put every club in the top division to start with the exact same balance and transfer budget. Ideally if possible i would like to put a cap on that no clubs balance or income can exceed for example 200 million.

I have tried to implement a wage cap but that just ended with almost every single player on the transfer list and every manager in the top league quitting their post.  Fan ownership doesnt prevent the obscene amount of money that some of these clubs rake in from outside sources but i have prevented outside takeovers 

Any ideas would be appreciated 

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