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FMS Fantasy Football League 2021/22

mark wilson27

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As stated in the Community Thread it's that time of the year when we pretend we know what were doing and chose our dream team, who out of us lot will top table and who will be the laughing stock Deadline is Saturday 7th August. Six days before the initial first game (This could change), this is just so I can sort out things my end, and also Im on holiday and the internet where I am going is crap. If you miss the deadline then sorry your side will not be added

To join up follow the link : Fantasy League

The code for our League is yszrn4

Could I ask that when you sign up please let me know your team is just for future purposes. Just a quick note, if you don't post your team name on this page then it will be deleted from the League.

Also if you decide to change your teams name during the season please let me know

We will be going head to head again to see who can de-throne current Champion Swagat Sinha

Roll of Honour:

2010 - Panpardus

2011 - Docklanders

2012 - Balthazars

2013 - PaulHartman71

2014 - mistahc

2015 - Moto Club

2016 - mistahc

2017 - Moto Club 

2018 -  triforce

2019 - mistahc

2020 - Bagpuss

2021 -  Swagat Sinha

2022 - 

The FMS Fantasy Cup will be running during the season and we'll see who will take the Cup off Finis Coronat Opus (Mandy42) hands  

Roll of Honour:

2013 - Sieben FC (Manxie_Ash)

2014 - Preston Park Celtic (mistahc)

2015 - Hardly Athletic III (mark Wilson27)

2016 - Baddah Bing (FudgeandLove)

2017 - Moto Club Gunners (Moto Club)

2018 - triforce

2019 - Fer Fuchs Ake (neilhoskins77)

2020 - The Full Montemurro (CFuller)

2021 - Finis Coronat Opus (Mandy42)

2022 - 

FMS Fantasy XMAS Cup

2018 - Saturn FC (ChileanRanger)

2019 - Lallana in Pyjamas (salkster2102)

2020 - Spanish Omelettes (Dalbieder)

2021 - Hakuna Matata (Swagat Sinha)

2022 - 

Sides Registered:

Run Fat Boy Run (mark wilson27)

Peacock FC (ChileanRanger)

Rab C Nisbet (Hockeybhoy71)

Hakuna Matata (Swagat Sinha)

No Doubting Thomas (Drogba11CFC)

Moor Row FC (Bagpuss)

Finis Coronat Opus (Mandy42)

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The deadline for this is early than normal as I'm away just before the first game and the internet coverage where I'm going is nothing short of dire

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Week 2


Dunce of the Week goes to Finis Coronat Opus who scored 30pts for the Week

Performance of the Week goes to No Doubting Thomas who scored 67pts for the Week

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5 hours ago, mark wilson27 said:

Week 3


Dunce of the Week goes to Rab C Nisbet who scored 46pts for the Week

Performance of the Week goes to Run Fat Boy Run who scored 72pts for the Week

Do I get a special prize for being Dunce of the Week?

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hace 13 horas, hockeybhoy71 dijo:

Do I get a special prize for being Dunce of the Week?

As an expert in being Dunce of the Week, you only get humiliation and ridicule. Plus, a very good reminder to give your team a look every now and then. But that last bit is just me.

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23 minutes ago, hockeybhoy71 said:

I probably will, But it's still early days at the moment, anything can change.

Apart from last year it was normally me, like in the predictions league

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