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Is constantly changing tactics a bad thing?

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I used to design two or three tactics for a season and never change anything before going into a game. 

Now I am constantly tweaking before and during a game. Is this a bad thing? Does it upset the flow of the team? 

For example, if my tactics plays narrow and I notice the opposition are defending narrow, I will change attacking width to wide. 

I'm in my second season and I've noticed that I don't get the partnership lines for any players lol. Is this because I'm rotating and changing tactics all the time?


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I don't have an answer for you, but I personally do find it much more rewarding when you gain an insight from doing some analysis (like you're already doing) and to then successfully pull off a change to exploit or counter an opponent.

What I'd suggest is to mostly go with your own tactics based on your team's strengths, and only tweak one or two things initially if you feel those changes would be particularly effective against an upcoming opponent.

I also try to make the change early on in the week so that the team has the entire week during training sessions to prepare.

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I do a challenge on my Discord every season its called the Hot Potato Challenge where people are challenged to change tactics every game month, making sure that no two identical formations are ever used. Tactical Familiarity is over rated in the game. You can change tactics and it isn't a bad thing to do. Yes there are tradeoffs, but it isn't altogether a bad thing, especially if you are having a bad run. 

The best to thing to be able to master in the game is the ability to morph a system, for example. A 442 can always play as a 424, that change won't disrupt your tactic so much, or a 4231 morphing into a 4411, these are all complementary shapes because in transition thats what a 442 or a 4231 can do, they can look like a 424 or a 4411. 

When changing tactics the biggest thing you need to consider is whether a player can play in the position.

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