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[Suggestion] Slight Changes to FM Life Cycle


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Now, this one is a suggestion from an outside/customer perspective and isn't really a feature request, but I wanted to raise it outside of the FM21 feedback thread.  I have two suggestions in terms of changing the FM Life Cycle.

The first is from the start of a new FM - the beta.  Right now, we get a two week pre-release beta - and then essentially a patch for what is the official full release.  My thought here is really around the match engine.  Normally, any patches to the ME are released "when they are ready", which most customers understand and certainly most would rather wait for SI to get it right.  However, in the 2 week period between beta and full game release, there are often ME changes - which in the case of FM20 felt like quite a large one.  That feels like it's rushed for the ME team and I, again particularly with FM20, felt that can have pretty serious and adverse knock-on effects.

Suggestion one: either extend the beta release period to, say, four weeks - or avoid changing the ME in this period - keep working on it and release the patch at some point after full release "when it's ready".  Either that, or a shorter beta period if the ME isn't ready until 2 weeks before full release.

The second is towards the end of the life cycle.  I do understand that with FM21 and Covid it's been tough for SI - but I've had the same feeling about FM19 and FM20 - in that the game has unresolved bugs and never quite has that "finished" feel.

Suggestion two: SI spend a period after the final patch - say 2-4 weeks - really going into overdrive to fix as many bugs as they can and release an additional patch.  These would have to be fixed for the next game anyway - but let us have a more finished game.

I'm not in the software development industry, so don't understand the complexities of the life cycle, but did want to suggest this from a customer viewpoint.

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