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Match 41: Croatia vs Spain - 5pm (BST) ITV1 live from Copenhagen !

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3 minutes ago, TM said:

nobody is worse than listening to Dixon, almost as if he wants to be ITV's version of Lawrenson :D

Dixon’s actually pretty normal and entertaining when I’ve heard him on football podcasts so it’s probably a conscious decision by him to try and sound dour on co-commentary. Guys like him and Murphy probably think they need some kind of USP to make themselves stand out from all the others that would love their jobs. At least McCoist’s chirpiness seems very natural.

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You look away for a second and suddenly the crowd goes mad and the ball's in the net :D 

Pass is a bit overhit I suppose but deary, deary me keeper. 

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1 minute ago, GunmaN1905 said:

Basque separatism sabotage!

It was Pedri. Catalunyan seperatism ^^

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2 minutes ago, outlander said:

That was an awful pass from the outfield player. 


The pass was unnecessary hard, but the keeper still should've had it.

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Just now, Norfair said:

If that happened on fifa you’d swear it was rigged

If it happened on FM, you would either...

Croatia: think it was the best thing ever and that you were a managerial genius.

Spain: think it was a game-breaking bug and accuse SI of 'scripting'.

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