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Qualification places in CL

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Hello! My question is how can I change the number of teams that get into the "group stage", "league path" and "champions path"? For example, in vanilla game 4 teams from top-4 leagues goes to "group stage", I would like make 1 team (champion) from top-16 leagues going to "group stage". I haven't found information on Internet how and where this can be done. Also, I didn't find anything in the Pre-Game Editor (didn't found in CL rules).


If you are wondering why I need this, then this is for my mod, which I do, where I want to make a lot of competitive leagues. I will be glad if someone helps :)

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Only thing you can do is recreate the entire system, from scratch... which also breaks the coefficient so no progress even if you reach the final with a team from San Marino.

It's also very hard. 

Maybe someday soon SI will make it possible to edit these comps more thoroughly.

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