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A few wishes


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Improved scout assignments - at least a way to encourage using scouts rather than manually scouting players. FM and PES do this very well

A buff to dribbling - in my opinion dribbling is the least useful stat as the match engine doesn't permit mercurial or mazing runs past multiple defenders (doesn't matter how bad the defenders are). Even if it's rare, it would be nice to see some individual moments of magic like in real life

Player conditioning - like in FM to drop during off-season, to raise the importance of match fitness during preseason

Improved staff coaching - ability to select players that coaching staff will focus on, rather than the lottery it is at the moment


Transfer improvements

- takes less to entice players to join the club if they can see you're a constant CL or UEL winner/contender and are more willing to sign. Similarly, if you have signed them before and they played their best football under your guidance or won most trophies thanks to you eg. James Rodriguez to Everton because of Ancelotti

- certain ambitious players to demand a wage increase when they notice a large wage gap between theirs and a teammate's, and expect to be the most important player of the team eg. Pogba, De Gea, Salah

- ability to filter players by those who have you as their favourite person, and also make them more excited to re-sign for you


More exciting build up to big tournaments - whether in the form of a news report like in the vein of 'giant killing/derby days' pop-ups, or stadium lights when playing at night to make champion league matches more exciting. Just seems a little underwhelming at the moment


Tweaks to current settings

- VAR to permit more goals (also fix the ability to see the outcome before the text appears)

- AI matches to not have a red card or injury almost every match

- have motivational coaches do the heavy lifting of disciplining players who had bad form. As nice as disciplining players is, it causes too much micromanagement on a weekly basis that slows down the speed of the game, not to mention the tedious requirement of remembering which player likes private or public conversations

- have players perform better if they are given a more important role at the club, encouraging more key/first team contracts given out as we're currently punished for signing players on important roles and simply inviting them to complain about lack of game time

- player mentoring to clearly show you the potential outcome before pairing up certain players eg. +aggression -positioning


Thank you!



- increase the AI bids for our players, as it's a no-brainer to reject them and offer to clubs to receive much, much higher bids

- more randomisation of regen nationalities or stats please, I think I have PTSD from all the Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Hazard, Suarez, Zlatan, Mane v2.0

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