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Help with 3ATB tactic

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Hi all, i'm really keen to make a three at the back tactic work and i want to try and emulate a wolves style counterattacking tactic. things haven't been going well and even against smaller teams i just cant score and seem to leak silly goals. any advice on changes to instructions would be greatly appreciated


Screenshot (2).png

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Higher tempo and shorter mentality together is probably asking too much of your players. Id drop higher tempo to standard. Because you are playing 3 at the back i would change dlp on support he will still hold position but will up his mentality. Throw it long kind of conflicts playing out from the back? Also you dont really need overlap left you have a natrual overlap with if s and wb a. you are making your lwb really agressive


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thank you for your reply, if tried your suggestions and things are going better now. was probably asking to much like you suggested, watfords not exactly the best team haha but i'd love to try and make them really succesful :)

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I ran with something like this as Bolton in FM20, with pretty good success


Here is the link to the thread where we discussed the tactical style


It's a very malleable setup, and can work with direct football to a Target Man (in place of the PF), with a deep lying playmaker in the middle with shorter passing to control possession, or as a direct counter-attacking style by adjusting one or two TIs and roles.

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