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[Discussion] Change info in 'Scout rating' pop-up window

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Now, when you take a list of scouted players, one column you can choose is 'Scout rating' (or that magnifying glass looking thing). That number, of course, tell's you something, but in the bottom of that pop-up window there is that 'Would be a useful signing.' line, or something like that.

That line could (and should) be changed into more informative line, and that can already be found in player's 'Scout report' page, saying something like 'Currently operating at... level.'

With young players the extra line should also be added (something like 'Has the potential... level.').


There's difference. Like, if managing English League Two team, whether player is 'good VNL level' (for backup) or young player that 'has potential to become League One player' (for future)... But, please, not only 'Would be a useful signing.'

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Having the ability to filter, or add columns, for the the written pieces as opposed to star rating.  Stars are relative to your team.  And the Recommendation takes into account other factors, like financial.  I want to see players that have the potential to be good players in my league, even if that's only 2 stars compared to my world class team.

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Big Daddy Moses, what about that 'Would be a useful signing.' line in pop-up window? Do you find it useful? Or, what would you like to see there?

In here my problem are LIMITED resources. Of course. Two scouts, both part time. (Lower leagues!) So, in 20% scouted I would like to see what level each player is - therefore that 'Currently operating at... level.' line would be useful to me...

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I don't look at 'Would be a useful signing', as there a different scenarios for signing someone and the scout and I may not be on the same page.  I may be looking a developing for profit, knowing they will never play.  Or, and this is currently what I'm doing, I need a Set Piece Specialist.  The rest of the squad can carry their weaknesses but when playing against teams that are particularly vulnerable, I want this Fringe Player to step in.  Scouts will never recommend them though based on squad talent.

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Big Daddy Moses, that is just what I meant! There's just not enough information in line "useful signing".

What about, if that scout's comment could be linked to the scout's assignment in the first place. Like,

    - if looking for Covering CD, scout's line could be like "You looked for covering CD. This one lacks pace, but is great in tackling."                            Set-up for search - position CD, duty Cover, attributes as needed

  - or, like you with Set Piece Specialist, "This one is great with free kicks. Lacks a bit in power, but is good with curves."                                               Set-up as needed.


I would also like to see some kind of note about player's current playing level, like 'good English League Two player'.

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Better scout will give better and more detail report

Man management > will give better comparison with other players in same position in depth, will better at scout based on scouting priority set by manager

Determination > will give more detailed report with extra highlights on players strong attribute and weakness, the more determination the more detail report

Discipline > will give the report faster or never above the deadline

Tactical knowledge > will give more insight about player traits, how he will fare in our tactical setup 


This kind of area just slightly touch by SI, but with this varied attributes will give more varied and detail oriented scout report

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for your reply, saintrainhard.

You missed my point a little bit. Yes, better scouts will give more detailed info. My problem is, how to find (quickly) those players WORTH deeper scouting!

Remember, that I like to start my game being only a national footballer with the first acceptable level of coaching. Nothing more.

So, I took a job in a lower level team. That team has no extra money. Not for scouting either. I have to find interesting players quickly! Something like - when 10-20% scouted, I should be able to deside whether to scout deeper or not. In the next picture only 14% scouted.


Like, this is a list of players to be scouted. As time goes by there will be more those 'Scout recommendation' numbers. In that pop-up window (when hovering your mouse over it) there is that green bar with text.

I want that "useful signing" text to be changed into a bit more informative, like, in fact, can already be found in players' 'Scout report' page (there upper left corner) in the next picture. Text gives info about players' current playing level.

So, this would just be a way of reducing a few mouse clicks to get that info!

And, because there I was managing a VNL (5. level) team, that League Two (4. level) player would have been a good find.


Comments, if you find that text informative, or if that should be changed into something else. And if changed, then into what...???  Text linked into the given (scout's) assignment?


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If that is your problem, that is not a problem as you can trial them all and whoever want to come for trial you can get better information, that is the workaround for lower league LOL

Why bother scout if you can invite them and get free scouting experience for max 4 weeks @ your own club 

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saintrainhard, that is true. And that I have been using. But, my own team can restrict the maximum number of those try-outs (or, max team size with try-outs counted). And, I had a few players, which were also staff members, and my team size was quite big. I could take only a few try-outs at once.

Also, (I think, not sure) if a player gets any salary, then his team can say "No way!" to that try-out offer. Then scouting is the only way. And those usually are those better players I am interested in.

But, that text line in pop-up window. Do you consider that line informative?

BTW, I made this request to save a few mouse clicks.

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