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(commercial) affiliate clubs

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Being at my club for a long time (12 seasons), the board allowed me to pick an affiliate club. To boost income (as you lag behind when working your way up from hte lower leagues), I chose a Japanses club, and when the request was available again, an Australian club


The description says "the presence in australia will be a major benefit to all merchandise sale". Which is nice, but how do I know how much? I went to look in the editor if maybe there is a hint there, but not.

What I did notice was that the "marketing relations" type was not ticked. Is it even a different type then?

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The financial benefits from international affiliations is a poor feature that needs to be improved. I have no idea of the financial impact, either before or after accepting the affiliation.

All I see, in terms of related international revenues at the end of the year, is a "10% of your merchandise was sold overseas", regardless of country or prestige of the affiliated club, or the popularity of foreign players you bring in.

This "10%" is, of course, totally ridiculous.

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