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I Canceled a One-Million-Euro Friendly

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I love friendlies, specially as a source of revenue. I now coach Roma as a rich club, but I don't want to pay 1 million euros to play Real Madrid. As I'm already regularly playing the Champions League I don't see much to be gained from international experience. I thus canceled this friendly. Right decision?...



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In my game the fee is payed by the home team to the away side. When I arrange away friendlies with a large "Fee"  as in your image that sum always shows up in the income as "Other", and never on expenditure. I suspect the reason the "income" is 0 is because your board does not manage to estimate how much the home team is going to make from the match. (Income also 0 most of the time for me when arranging away friendly matches).

I dont use any mods or skins and play fm20

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