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Throw Water Bottle: Ever worked?

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The only reaction that matters is how the players perform on the pitch after you've thrown the bottle, not some smilie in the UI.  Do they play any better?

Also context is important.  If you are throwing the bottle when only 1-0 down at half time in a tight match then that's probably not a good time to do it.  But if you're 5-0 down at half time against a local rival then there may be some more justification to throw it.  Also don't discount your own personality - if your own Motivation skills or standing with the players aren't very high then players may not react that well to you.

Having said all that, player interaction can be something of a dark art and things we may consider reasonable or justified isn't always seen that way by players because reasons.

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I actually threw it once at half time when we were 1-0 up at home to a team in the relegation zone. We were fighting for top spot and had been on a great run. We got lucky with our goal and the opponent had been far, FAR the better team, completely outplaying us, at home. We were playing like I’d never seen us play before. Weird movement, giving the ball away etc. It was incredibly obvious we weren’t at the races.

It’s the only time I got a universal amazing reaction in the dressing room from the team with this action. We won 4-0.

Context and your standing are crucial for this type of thing to have the desired effect. Should def be used sparingly.

But to answer the question: yes, a positive reaction, in the dressing room at least, is possible.

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It depends on what you consider to have "worked". If you mean happy faces, then no. Then again, how often would you expect people to be happy after being teared by their boss? It's not about them becoming happy, but more about firing them up and telling them what they are doing are far from good enough.

You want them to be unhappy, to be hurt, but you want that to be focused on improving, not sulking. So the time to use things like that is when they are slacking off, being extremely complacent and thinking they don't have to work for the win. As @Tyburn wrote, you use that to really burst the bubble of complacency and comfort that comes with too much success and then starting to let their guard down and the performance drop.

You DON'T want to use if you are on a losing streak or the similar, since then you are only piling on the misery for them. They are already down, so no need to tell them they are not good enough, they know! At that time, you need to build them up and tell them it's not their fault and that results will come if they work hard. Things to brighten up the doom and gloom they feel.

So, use it very sparingly, and only when you think the players are slacking off whenever you are on a good run that could end because of complacency. At least, that's my view of it.

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It's maybe for the sake of immersion but I throw the bottle whenever I feel I'd throw the bottle in real life whatever the result, if the performance of my team does not please me. I have to say it's true the reaction is negative but more than once the player seemed fired up in the second half (placebo effect!)

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52 minutes ago, kentonizking said:

It's the phrase 'demotivated' I don't like. 

What I want from my bottle throw, is a reaction, 'I'll show him' or 'christ, we had better do better!' 



The reaction will depend on the personalities you have in your team.

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