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Are libero tactics feasible?

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Yes, you can win matches and leagues using a libero in a 3 at the back tactic. Personally, I think it's easier to overachieve using 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2, or 4-3-3 because I find them more flexible in attack and less prone to being overloaded on the flanks. Still, there are so many ways you can beat the AI with squad building that you don't need to have the perfect tactic to win titles.

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Yes they work and can work incredibly well. Last season I streamed 532s playing with all kinds of players in the libero position. The libero is like a playmaker and I actually like playing him as the lone creative influence in some tactics. That way my libero tends to dictate play from deeper positions. 

You could for example make a very potent 3421 with a libero, and there are multiple ways of doing this. 

The libero can be the sole creator or you can pair him with a DLP(S). Since the DLP is on support he will still hold position, if the DLP is closed down he could play the ball back to the libero and between the two of them they can do deep diagonals. Personally I like playing him without any playmakers, both work equally well. The real challenge lies in how you use the wingbacks in these kind of systems.

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1 hour ago, Corperate said:

Please if someone could take a look at this tactic. Good results however poor ratings for the Libero who is well suited to the role.


Can we get a look at the Libero's attributes and traits? 

Ultimately results trump all, I know it'd be nice to see your Libero notching 7+ every game but so long as your results are good and he's doing what you expect from him try not to be too concerned with the ratings :)

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He's a good player for the role, of course. Would ultra-high tempo combined with attacking mentality mean he does not see the ball as much as you'd like? Share screenshots comparing his touches and passes completed with other members of your squad. Concerned you are bypassing him with such an aggressive style.

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I am not as experienced as others at tactic creation but could you add team instructions to help him get the ball a bit more? For 'In Transition' set GK distribution to 'roll it out' and set him to distribute to the libero. Might get him a few extra touches to help his rating. 

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