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Apertura & Clausura Issues


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I'm managing in Colombia, and I've noticed a number of issues with the way the game treats the Apertura and Clausura. This is my first time managing in a league like this, and it's been disappointing to see that the game struggles to work properly with leagues like this. I've already posted most of these issues in the League Specific forum, but I think some of them may be down to the way FM works, not the editor data itself.


1) Players don't get anything on their bios about winning a medal if I win the Colombian Apertura or Clausura. The club counts as having won them, I count as having won them, but the players - nothing at all.


2) The club legends/icons page does not update each season. I have two players listed as Icons after my initial season in division 2, but since I've been promoted not a single player has gone into these lists, despite multiple fantastic seasons and league player of the year awards. It's almost like the game doesn't think any seasons have been played that count towards these lists. I've had a player win league player of the year 3 times in a row, fans player of the year 3 years in a row, with ratings higher than 7 each season. He isn't listed in the club favourites at all.


3) The media don't seem to understand the league system at all. I'm constantly being asked about how great it is to go top of the league and that I can tell my players we can win the title if we win our next game, when in reality all the top 8 teams go into a playoff competition to determine the league winner


4) The media don't seem to understand that the playoff final is two legs, and congratulate me on winning the league if I win the first leg.


5) Any records from the Apertura count for the Apertura, but the game acts like my Clausura games also count towards these! So if I win 14 games in the Apertura and the record for wins is 16, once the Clausura starts the game is constantly telling me how close I am to beating my record.


6) Not sure if this is just an issue with Apertura and Clausura leagues, but players signed after the end of the Clausura, in the end of season transfer window, count as having been signed for the previous season, even though all the games had finished. It makes it impossible to use the transfer history screen reliably, as players will look like they've been bought or sold in different years to when they were actually available.


There are other weird issues, but those are the more annoying ones. It mostly just feels a bit unfinished, and my experience with trying to play in this type of league for a long term save hasn't been great. Hopefully this is just an FM21 issue and won't be exactly the same next year.

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Appreciate this is frustrating and good to hear you'd raised these in League Specific. You're right that in some instances it'll fall into other areas. 

Legends/Icons is really across the entire game - ideally we'd need a save game just before a milestone happens for a player (so just before the end of the season, or before winning an award etc) for us to investigate. 

Likewise any saves just prior to a nonsensical press conference question would also be really useful.

Details on how to upload a save game can be found here - https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/538431-how-to-upload-files-to-us/

If you do upload any, please do let us know the file name so we can investigate. Thanks. 

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Thanks for the reply

I've just finished a season so it will be a while before any of these milestones happen again - the nonsensical press conferences are around the playoff tournaments at the end of the Apertura and Clausuras - and obviously the awards are end of season related.

The Legends/Icons thing I've never had any issues with in other leagues, but I haven't played another league on FM21 so maybe it's just this game. In any case, it did work for the second division and only broke since then.


If I get to these points again I'll upload a save

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