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Set Personal Assistant Nickname/support_staff.edt


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So I've brought this topic up a few times now for different versions of the game, I've also seen there are other topics in the forums talking about this so I'm want to suggest this again, The ability to set your Personal Assistant a nickname or to be able to use the support_staff.edt file to set the Personal Assistants name before a new game.

Your able to set a Player Liaison Officer and Press Officer name in the file support_staff.edt with the following...



This would be the Personal Assistant text...


So I would LOVE in FM22 to be able to set my Personal Assistant's name before a new game or at least to be able to set them a nickname, I can't tell you the amount of times I've restarted game after game after game trying to get a name for my Personal Assistant that I like, So hopefully you can add either to FM22. Thanks guys.

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