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Messi never wins ballon d’or + declines too quickly


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I’ve noticed over the last two / three fm’d that Messi basically never wins the ballon d’or. It’s always Ronaldo  the first few seasons before mbappe takes over.

I also think Messi physicals declines too quickly on this game. They get into single figures after two seasons. I don’t think Messi will ever have that poor physicals before he retires unless he gets a very long term injury. The ai then often plays him at cm when he loses his pace. I don’t think he will ever actually become an out and out midfielder in real life. 

I don’t know if his natural fitness stat needs improving, but if you played fm19 and you played until the present irl date, the in game version of Messi would be worse then the present day version. They need to reduce his decline because really he is not replicated as the best player on the game as he should be

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