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[FM21] Having trouble with columns with same name but different appearance


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As the tittle suggest I'm having trouble with some columns.

Mainly the scout recommendation and the position columns. 

This is what I usually get when I choose to add the Scout recommendation column in a view:



while in the scout - transfer view (the default one) it shows like this:



Same thing happens with the position column.

This is what I get when I choose to view the position column:



And this is what is shown in some of the default views like the shortlist "Overview":



Is there something I'm missing, like a way that toggles between different modes? 

Because I either can't find the ones that are shown by default, or they are named differently when we view them and when we select them.

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It's not your fault or you are not missing something. The custom views and their arrangement is one of the biggest mysteries within FM for many years. Resizing, rearranging and more is happening regularly.

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