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[FM21] Going Barmy in Balmy Balkans with help from Riddler.

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Summer Transfer window. Jul 2031


There were no big sales, but I did eventually start investing in some new players. 

*** Nica (ROU) (SCO) was a really significant signing and I can't believe my luck. He had a min fee release clause of £875k and preferred to play for us rather than stay in Scotland. He was my #1 target and to be honest I was sure something would scupper the deal right up to the point he arrived. He's really rather good and is only at 3.5 CA of 5.0 PA.



I took a bit of a punt on Larie (ROM) because he had 5.0 PA and cost only £200,000. He's dropped to 4.5 PA but could still be decent business. 



Vuk (SVN) * cost slightly more at £450k but I like the look of him and at 5.0 PA and 17 years old he could still be a good signing. He needs to develop physically but I love some of his mentals. The fact that he's Romanian means that he is another option as 1 of our (ROM) U21  slots. 



I carried on selling when the season ticked over to 2031/32.


Knežević (SRB) SELL was a great player for me at Zrinjski  and a decent player here, but he's 29 and it sensible to offload him and bring in some cash. £1.3M very much well received. 



Sárközi (ROM) (HUN) SELL is a decent player, but he was better playing inverted on the right than wide on the left and I had better options there. £1.2M to add to the kitty. 



Albu (ROM) SELL is 30 and it made sense to cash in on him while we could. He had a good season, (much better than I expected), but £500k for a 30 year old was too good to turn down. 



Hoxha (KVX) SELL did well for us, but what I had somehow overlooked was the fact that he had that PPM that I hate for non-TM strikers, (plays with his back to goal). Once I realised he had the PPM, it didn't really matter how well he did or how much money we got for him because he was leaving one way or another. That we got £1.1M for him is just a bonus. 



Lesko (SVK) MR SELL went for £1.6M + £500k after 50 league appearances. It seemed a good deal as it was going through and then just before it was finalised he went and scored a hat-trick in our 2nd league game of the season and I wondered if I hadn't just made an awful mistake. He's immediately worth £3.5M after moving to Turkey, so I think I have also sold too cheaply. :(



There were a few players brought in, but nobody for a significant fee. 

*** Vicedomini (ALB)(ITA) 6'3" is a 5.0 PA player and although he has an Italian name, (and 2nd Nationality), his primary Nationality is Albanian



Oancea (ROU) was signed as part of a part-exchange deal. I can't remember the last time I did one of these, (5 real life years maybe), but the selling club approached me saying they wanted (29) Tudor. (ROU) and were willing to swap direct for Oancea (ROU) in a player for player deal. I had already decided that I wasn't overly keen on Tudor, (a natural at both right back and right wing), and his attributes are also.... diluted between multiple roles. So anyway, partly because I wanted to do an Exch deal, I accepted and so far I'm happy with my decision. 



Burčul (CRO) is a lefty right-winger which suits the inverted role I'm using. I think he will do a job for us and I hope to be able to sell him for a tidy profit. 



Paşculea (ROU) is another lefty right-winger and fingers crossed I can get a tune out of him. 




After selling £5.75M worth of players, our balance is now up to nearly £15M and we have a transfer kitty of £6.8M. If I can find a really special striker then I would love to splash the cash, but so far I can't fine anyone good enough to warrant me spending the money. I am scouring the planet for Balkans though. :cool:


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UTA Arad, Romania. Sept 2031

Liga I Betano. I would like to blame our league form on our European campaign, but the truth is we are just a little short of the required quality up front. I We have had a bid of £1M accepted for a teenage Albanian striker, but unfortunately we couldn't agree terms. We will try again. 



Europe. That was probably better than I expected if I'm honest. :lol:



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UTA Arad, Romania. Oct 2031.

Liga I Betano. A late winner gives us a valuable 3 points in the league. We're languishing in 10th, but we have 2 games in hand on everyone above us. If we win both of those we're right back in the mix at the top. 



Europe. With the goal of making the league stage accomplished, I have been rotating the squad in Europe so any points we earn here is a bonus. 



Romanian Cup. A comfortable win against a tier 3 side.


Coaching badge. We're slowly getting there. I wonder if it will start to have an impact on the number of interviews we're invited to. 


Liga I Betano Player Development.




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UTA Arad, Romania. Nov 2031

Liga I Betano. We might have knocked out Viitorul in Europe, but they got their revenge here in the league. The problem as ever is our lack of threat up front. Although we're languishing in 11th place, 3 points moves you an awful long way up the league at the moment and there are 19 more games to play before the split. 

The transfer window opens on 20th Jan and we will still have 13 games to play after that. I already have a £1,000,000 striker signed and am just waiting for the window to open. 



Europe. We're in brilliant form in Europe, (despite rotating the squad). 



Facilities. We're getting there. 









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UTA Arad, Romania. Dec 2031

Liga I Betano. We're still stuttering badly in the league. We're just not scoring enough goals and even when we manage to score 2 in 1 game we still don't win. 



Europe. I think we've done quite well in Europe this season, but we have still finished bottom of the league. 



Clauses. (expiring). I've mentioned this in a previous post and just wanted to share. Players love a release clause because it lulls them into a false sense of security. They think that just because they have a clause then they will be able to leave. My tactic is to agree to the clause, (I don't really bother too much about the amount), but absolutely insist that the expiry date is for the earliest possible time. It's pretty rare that they don't just agree to an expiry within the next 6 months, (ie the date of the next window). 



Clauses. (selling). I've obviously sold quite a few players while at this club and as a general rule I try to always include a 25% of re-sale value clause, (not profit), and a friendly. U set-up the friendlies during pre-season and I can assure you the income adds up even with a small stadium, (because everything is relative). 



Youth Intake preview



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On 24/07/2021 at 09:48, Jimbokav1971 said:

Coaching badge. We're slowly getting there. I wonder if it will start to have an impact on the number of interviews we're invited to.

From what I've found on my saves it's the Continental Pro Licence that opens a lot of doors.

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Jan Transfer Window. UTA Arad, Romania. Jan 2032

We've paid £1,000,000 for a player for the 1st time at this club. We're in a better state financially and that means that I have been able to spend more and sell less. I still plan on selling in order to fund the upgrade of the facilities and bring in new players, but it will be more at a time of my choosing rather than feeling pressure to accept any reasonable bid. 

I've brought in 2 Albanians and 2 Croats


4 new players arrived on the day the window opened. 

Ajazi (ALB) is a 16 year old with 4.5 PA. He's pretty raw but there is lots to work on here. 



*** Elmazi (ALB) has been on my radar as a while and the *** indicates that he was a real priority signing that I had targeted and was willing to push the boat out to sign. I am really chuffed to sign him and happy to pay £1M to get the deal done. 



Ževrnja (CRO) was signed largely based on his 5.0 PA scout report. Unfortunately his PA dropped to 4.5 with the coach report but he could still be decent. 



Bračun (CRO) is a 2nd Croat and another young striker. I really like the look of him and 4.5 PA should be plenty good enough to see him have decent potential. 



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UTA Arad, Romania. Jan 2032

Liga I Betano. We were struggling before the window opened, (2 draws), but the arrival of *** Elmazi (ALB) has seemingly given us a real boost, (even though he didn't play in the last game of the month).



Facilities. Another step in the right direction.





Finances. Despite loosening the purse-strings a little, we still have £11M+ in the bank and ideally I would like to keep it at £10M+. I'm not sure how realistic that's going to be though. 


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10 hours ago, Rikulec said:

From what I've found on my saves it's the Continental Pro Licence that opens a lot of doors.

Yeah, that would make sense. It's generally the lower rep clubs that re interested in me at the moment. 

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