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[FM21] Going Barmy in Balmy Balkans with help from Riddler.

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FC Koper, Slovenia. Squad depth. Jul 2039.


Alen Vörös (SVN) will be given another season to prove that last season was just an aberration. 
Kondić (SVN) * has been offered out on loan and will probably be given a chance here next season.



Dragićević (SRB) has been signed to be 1st choice. 
(39a) Cemalovic (SVN) (BIH) is the longer-term option and I think I'm going to have to play him before he's ready to speed up his development. 
Jožef Rogač (SVN) made 48(1) appearances last season, but he's clearly not good enough. 



Bîrlădeanu (ROU) is on loan for a 2nd season after joining us last season. 
(33) Aleksander Nemec (SVN) will be back-up, but he's not good enough. 
(30) Matic Sreš (SVN) is actually a central midfielder, but he's also our 3rd choice right back and I don't have any hot prospects in this area. 



Prenga (ALB) (CRO) * 6'0" will be 1st choice centre-half. It's ridiculous that we've got him on loan again this season. 
Vukojević (SRB) 6'5" is the 1st choice left centre-half. 
Sandro (SVN) 6'2" will provide back-up to Prenga
Curran (IRL) (BIH) 6'2" will be our 4th centre-back. 
Kulčar (SVN) 6'1" we be our 5th option and then players will be asked to play out of position. 


MC. Whatever the actual roles will be, 1 will be a playmaker of some sort and the other will be a work-horse.

Playmakers. (This is a key role for us, but we haven't been producing many of these at all).

Božič (SVN) DLP * & (26) Andrej Pušnik (SVN) will compete for a starting position. In all likely-hood they will rotate, but both are capable enough. 
Türk (SVN) is classed as a defensive midfielder, but actually I like him in a more creative role. 
Zavrl (SVN) probably our 4th option in an emergency. 

Work-horses.(We seem to be producing many more of these via the intake). 

(31) Miran Ribič (SVN) 5'9" * is lacking a bit of pace, but he's still 1st choice. 
(38a) Grbec (SVN) * is still only 16 so can't play yet, but will feature once he turns 17 in November. 
(36a) Prelec (SVN) * is plenty good enough to feature. 


ML. (I'm desperate to get a decent left winger through the intake). 

Nikola Babić (SVN) was signed last season and was poor. I will be giving him another chance but he has to perform early on or will be replaced. 
Tadej Peša (SVN) looks more to my liking in terms of what I want, but also has limitations. 
(34) Denis Šabec (SVN) ML * is a "lefty" and from now on he will only play on the left. 
Božič (SVN) ML is the 3rd and final option here. 



Blaž Papež (SVN) is 1st choice here but we need him to perform.
(35) Miha Ljubec (SVN) * MR is on the list for ML, but is a "righty" and I'm done with this inverted nonsense after last season. 
(32) Petar Bračko (SVN) * will be the 3rd option on the right. 


SC. I seemed to try everything last season without success, but this season I will be reverting to an AF on 1 side and a DLF on the other. 


Baştürk (TUR) * had a shocking season last year, and I really need him to improve this season if I'm going to keep my job. 
Romeo Doda (MKD) * can play as an AF, but I want him to play as a DLF where possible. 
Takács (HUN) is a recent signing and he will be our 3rd option here. 


Mihov (BUL) will hopefully be a significant goal threat this season. 
Jerbić (CRO) isn't great, but I love his athleticism. 
(30) Gašper Potokar (SVN) *
(25) Tomaž Rozman (SVN)
Zamernik (SVN)


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FC Koper, Slovenia. Aug 2039

PrvaLiga Telekom Slovenije. I was right to have faith that last month was positive rather than negative. We had a shocker against Celje, but won the other 3 league games and also squeezed through in the Cup. I think it's fair to say that we're up and running. 

We've conceded the most goals in the league, but 11 of our 15 conceded goals have come in just 2 matches. 



Hervis Pokal


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FC Koper, Slovenia. Oct 2039

PrvaLiga Telekom Slovenije. A good month with just 1 loss away to high flying Olimpija who have kept a league high 8 clean sheets in 15 games this season. 



Hervis Pokal. This was a good away win and we deserved it. We beat them narrowly at home thanks to a hat-trick from Jerbić (CRO) and he scored another to see us through in the Cup.


Jerbić (CRO) struggled last season and only scored 2 goals in 14 appearances in the league, but he's already scored 8 goals in 9(5) league appearances this season. He doesn't look that great, but his athleticism is what gives him the edge I think. 



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FC Koper, Slovenia. Nov 2039.

PrvaLiga Telekom Slovenije. We finally get a 100% month, although it was spoiled a little by conceding a goal. We're up to 3rd now and there is a 9 point gap to 4th. It's amazing what a difference it makes not having to play in Europe. Last season we just couldn't cope with the extra games and I also think I didn't manage the squad well enough either. 








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FC Koper, Slovenia. Dec, Jan & Feb 2039/40. (Sorry, I forgot to post the Dec 2039 update). 

PrvaLiga Telekom Slovenije. Both months followed the same pattern with 2 losses followed by a win and then a draw. Our form isn't good, but we're still 6 points ahead of Celje in 4th.



Hervis Pokal. We keep progressing in the Cup, thanks largely to avoiding Maribor and Olimpija


Facilities. Junior Coaching is now maxed out and Youth Recruitment is almost there so I have decided to concentrate on Youth Facilities and Training Facilities. They cost £3M between them at this stage and as we have £6.5M in the bank it's not a risk. I've also arranged to increase the number of Coaches for the senior side from 6 to 7. 







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FC Koper, Slovenia. Youth Intake Day. Mar 2040.

I think we might finally have produced a Golden Generation worthy of the name. 


I know there are no guarantees in any Youth Intake, but I've go to admit that I look at both the CA and PA stars here and am filled with optimism. Not only do we have 1x 5.0 PA player, but we also have 4x 4.5 PA players. As an added bonus, we have no less than 4 players with better than 1.0 CA. 


(40a) Sojer (SVN) 6'0" * appears that he could develop into a decent BPD at centre-half. 


(40d) Ljubec (SVN) 6'6" looks like a perfect partner for (40a) Sojer (SVN) 6'0" *. Very much a big brute of a centre-half and already standing at 6'6" a the age of 16.


(40e) Spudić (SVN) could finally be the striker I have been waiting ages for. Already on the verge of being good enough to play, and still having considerable time to develop before he becomes eligible for selection. 


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FC Koper, Slovenia. Mar 2040

PrvaLiga Telekom Slovenije. We're doing sort of ok in the league, but with 2 months left I already know that we are unlikely to catch Olimpija in 2nd and Mura in 4th are equally unlikely to catch us. 



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FC Koper, Slovenia. Apr 2040.

PrvaLiga Telekom Slovenije. We're still a little inconsistent in the league, but that's to be expected as a result of having such a young squad. We're also really carrying players in a few positions. Left wing/midfield is a real problem, but the biggest issue is our DLF are where I can't seem to find anyone to play well even occasionally. On the plus side our front players are really developing and there are signs that they are getting there and I'm sure that it's just a matter of time before we absolutely hammer someone, and then do so on a regular basis. 



Hervis Pokal. We're into our 2nd successive Cup Final, which is pretty decent when it wasn't my priority at all either last season or this. The fact that we're playing a side currently in the relegation Playoff position suggests that we might also have a good chance of winning.


Striking options. We're starting to develop some real strength in depth up front, but at the moment this is more in terms of PA, where we have no less than 7 players with at least 4.5 PA, rather than CA, where we have nobody with better than 3.0 CA. 


Jerbić (CRO) started the season well and has 14 goals from 26(11) appearances, but he's only on loan and anyway I consider him a bit of a cheat player in that his success is all down to pace rather than any actual footballing ability. I won't be loaning him back for a 3rd season, not because I don't like him, but because I think we now have enough strength in this area to cope without him. 



Takács (HUN) has really blossomed in the 2nd half of the season and you can see that he looks twice the player of Jerbić (CRO). He started off the season as one of the DLF options, but wen the Ass Man selects the match squad he often gets started at AF on the left. I've just changed his training to "quickness" and I think that if I can just get his physicals up a little we could have a hell of a player on our hands. (The fact that we signed him on a free gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside). 



Baştürk (TUR) * is a player that I really like the look of. He's not been performing well as a DLF and I'm seriously considering dual AF's up front. Again, I think his issues are largely pace related and I think if I could get his pace/acceleration up 2 points then we would have a hell of a player on our hands. When we initially signed him he was more of an AMC than a SC and I think this has hindered his PPM development. I would also like to work on his endurance to get his workrate up a little. He's had an awful season in front of goal. In fact, he's had a awful career in front of goal. :rolleyes: I still think there is a player in there though.



Romeo Doda (MKD) * is probably the player who has been performing best in the DLF role, but I'm just a little underwhelmed by him and often go back to other options as soon as he doesn't score. He has 4 goals in 9(3) appearances this season, which is a better return than the others in his position. 



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FC Koper, Slovenia. May 2040

PrvaLiga Telekom Slovenije. We were unlucky to only draw against Domžale, but against Bravo I opted to experiment with 0 loan players in the squad and it gave us a true reflection of where we are without them. :(



Hervis Pokal. We've been a bit short of silverware in this thread, so a Cup win is gratefully received. We were always favourites to win, but we still had to actually do it. 



Loans in for next season. We have had 6 players in on loan this season, some more successful than others. 


With that in mind I have already arranged 3 of them to return next season.


Prenga (ALB) (CRO) * 6'0" is the real jewel in the crown. Part of me thinks that it was ridiculous that we got him in on loan last season, and even more that we managed to get him for a 4th season next year. The other part of me thinks that Osijek have played a blinder in getting us to develop their young player into a Wonderkid and God only knows how good he will be at the end of next season when he finishes with us, (assuming we don't get him back again for a 5th season). 



Blaž Papež (SVN) has already been with us for 4 consecutive seasons, and was here for a 5th about a decade ago. He will be back for a 6th season. 



Bîrlădeanu (ROU) I wasn't sure about. He wasn't great and I have a couple of options at right back in (33) Aleksander Nemec (SVN) and Urbanč (SVN), but while they might be the future, they certainly aren't the present and as we will be back in Europe next season it makes sense to keep Bîrlădeanu (ROU) even if the fringe players are given more time. If truth be told I would love to sign a right back, (either permanent or on loan), and that will be a priority over the Summer. 



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End of Season Summary. FC Koper, Slovenia. May 2040.

PrvaLiga Telekom Slovenije.



Hervis Pokal.


Squad by Appearances


1x 4.5 CA player


9x 5.0 PA players.


I have shown you Prenga (ALB) (CRO) * 6'0"Baştürk (TUR) * and Takács (HUN) recently, so allow me to introduce (38a) Grbec (SVN) * to you. 

(38a) Grbec (SVN) * is developing nicely and at the moment, his versatility, (in that he can play both central midfield roles), is a strength because it means more game time, but as the seasons progress, his versatility might be more of a negative rather than a positive as he fails to develop sufficiently in either role to remain a starter. At the moment though, I'm really loving him. 













Tracker. It's good to get some green in the competition columns. It's been a while. 


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FC Koper, Slovenia. Transfers

I've been quite tight with transfer spending, and both these deals were initiated by the DoF and because I liked the look of them I agreed to sign them. 

Transfers out have been really interesting in that you might notice that they all have a "." after their name, (with the exception of Željko Kalinić (CRO) 6'1", meaning that I had decided that they weren't good enough to keep and I wouldn't be offering them a Pro contract. Because they were left on Youth contracts, other clubs were able to come in and sign them for compensation, and this meant that we received £250k-£300k rising to £600k-£800k for 8 players, bringing in a whopping £2M for players that I had already deemed surplus to requirements and whom I was happy to see leave on a free at the end of their contracts. :applause:

Željko Kalinić (CRO) 6'1" was sold for £1k because he wasn't going to feature. 
(39i) Kidrič. (SVN) and (39e) Korošec. (SVN) were sold for whatever was offered for them, (although I probably included a 50% re-sale and friendly clause). 

When you consider that I would have accepted any offer for any of these players, (literally any offer), the fact that we have generated £2M is a huge coup for us. I usually sign young players to a 1st pro contract, (because I have more money than I know what to do with and don't want to miss out on anyone who my Coaches have got wrong), but this is certainly promoting the case for fringe young players being left on Youth contracts to encourage compensation deals. 


That's where the good news ends though I'm afraid as far as transfers go. 

We're losing 3 players on a free who I didn't want to leave. 


Alen Vörös (SVN) was going to be 2nd choice next season as I offered playing time to younger GK's, but I kept withdrawing from negotiations because he wanted so much wage and the next thing I know he's moving to Romania. I'm not hugely gutted, but I am a little annoyed with myself. I think this might turn out to be a bogger error than I initially thought. 



Kulčar (SVN) 6'1" had 4.5 PA and I certainly didn't want him to leave, but at 20 years old had already had significant time to develop and his physicals were still very poor. This might actually be less of an error than I initially thought. It's 1 thing having decent PA, but if you never achieve that PA then...... I think this shows the importance of regular game time to development. He played 1 season out of 4 and his development has been stunted as a result. I should have tried much harder to get him a loan this season. :( I'm pretty sure we have compensation coming for him, but no idea how much. 



Zoran Božič (SVN) * was simply an error my part. I had plans for him, (despite his low Det rating), and was adamant that I didn't want him to go. We are short of playmakers in the middle of the pitch and he fit the bill nicely. Unfortunately I forgot to trigger the extension and missed the message saying that someone was in for him and the next thing I know he's agreed to leave. (I think we get about £800k compensation for him bit not sure). 



Losing those 3 takes the shine off our £2M income from surplus youth players, but I'm afraid there is more bad news to come..... :eek:

(26) Andrej Pušnik (SVN) has been 1st choice playmaker at the club for the past 12 seasons and while he wouldn't have been 1st choice next season, (and wasn't great this season), he would certainly still have been able to offer us some depth. Surprisingly he wasn't the favoured personnel lost or better. :confused: The problem with him is that although he only getting paid £2,600 pw, when I offer him a new contract he wanted about £12k per week and I just wasn't prepared to pay that. I've just offered him a new contract now though and he will agree to sign for £5,250 pw, (which equates to £273,000 over a full season which is how I like to think of it). He wants a 4 year contract, (which I'm not keen on at all), but as he's a product of our Academy and a 1-club man I think I might just pay it and suck it up. 


£5,250 pw week is ok, but I'm not offering him a 4 year contract. I think I want to reduce it to 2 years and possibly 3 at an absolute max. He's insisted on 4 years and I have agreed. I'm over-paying for him but I think he will still offer something as back up as he physical ability continues to diminish. 



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Rankings. Jun 2040

European Competition rankings



European Club rankings






This is what is was. 


This is what it is now. 

5.980 Maribor (+6) Won the league, got the the Quarters in the Cup and lost on away goals in the Euro Conference 4th Qualifying Round
5,824 Mura (+6) Finished a lowly 5th in the league, got to the Semis in the Cup and the Europa League Group Stage
5,392 Domžale (+125) Finished 6th in the league, got to the Quarter-Finals in the Cup and got to the Euro Conference 2nd Qualifying Round
5,396 Olimpija (-33) Runners Up in the league and got to the Semi's in the Cup.
5,281 Koper (+80) 3rd in the league and Cup winners.

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Squad Depth. FC Koper, Slovenia. Jul 2040

GK. We lost our 1st choice GK of the last 5 seasons in Alen Vörös (SVN), so the DoF signed Žan Zajc (SVN) 6'4" on a free to replace him. 


Kondić (SVN) * will be 1st choice. 
Žan Zajc (SVN) 6'4" has been signed on a free as backup. 
(37b) Stanković (SVN) * is 19 and I need to either play him or loan him out. 
(39f) Budna (SVN) is 17 and ideally he needs to be given some games this season to aid his development. 

DL. I'm really happy with Dragićević (SRB), who contributed 9 goals and 10 assists last season, but he's 30 years old and I really need to find a suitable replacement. 


Dragićević (SRB) will be 1st choice. 
(39a) Cemalovic (SVN) (BIH) is his heir apparent and needs game-time this season. I think what I'm going to do is start (39a) Cemalovic (SVN) (BIH) and then let the Ass Man replace him with Dragićević (SRB) at half-time. 
(40g) Mlakar (SVN) is only 15, but he will be given game-time once he turns 16. 



Bîrlădeanu (ROU) is 1st choice, but I'm going to often start him on the bench and then let the Ass Man bring him on at HT. 
(33) Aleksander Nemec (SVN) is the short-term successor.
(40b) Fink (SVN) and Urbanč (SVN) are the long term options and maybe I should just go straight to them? 



Prenga (ALB) (CRO) * 6'0" is an on-loan God. 
Vukojević (SRB) 6'5" is pretty basic but as a lefty he does a job. 
Sandro (SVN) 6'2" is going to play lots of games this season. 
(40a) Sojer (SVN) 6'0" * and (40d) Ljubec (SVN) 6'6" have got to be introduced to senior football to aid development this season. 

ML & MR. 


(34) Denis Šabec (SVN) ML * is going to be 1st choice on the left at least until he is trained to play there. I'm not inverted in anyone playing inverted. 
Tadej Peša (SVN)Nikola Babić (SVN) will offer some depth on the left. 
Božič (SVN) ML is knocking on the door but with 3 lefties ahead of him I will try to get him out on loan. 

Blaž Papež (SVN) is a loanee who is in his 5th season with us now and will probably be starting our most important games. 
(35) Miha Ljubec (SVN) * MR will be given priority in terms of selection at least until he can play on the right. 
(38c) Radonjić (SVN) is a hot prospect on the right. 
(40c) Leskovar (SVN) * also has good PA, but has some developing to do 1st. 




(38a) Grbec (SVN) * can play both roles, but as we have so many grafters I think I will play him as a playmaker this season. 
Baştürk (TUR) * was signed to be a DLF, but it isn't working so you never know. We might see him as a DLP at some point.
(26) Andrej Pušnik (SVN) wants to play as an EG, (because his legs have gone), but he can still do a job for us. 
Božič (SVN) DLP * will be our 3rd playmaker option. 


(31) Miran Ribič (SVN) 5'9" * is very much a grafter. 
(38b) Kovač (SVN) is 18 and I would rather loan him out and see him play more, than see him stay and play less. 
(36a) Prelec (SVN) * is 20 and I would rather loan him out and see him play more than see him stay and play less. 
(39b) Ribič (SVN) might only be 16, but he's certainly good enough to play some part. 




Mihov (BUL) has acceleration of 18 and pace of 15. I think I will be using him from the bench to take advantage of tiring defenders. 
Magdič (SVN) made 26 appearances from the bench last season as I preferred other options. He will probably start much more this season. 
(40e) Spudić (SVN) is only 15, but I think I will start giving him starts when he turns 16 in September. 
Zamernik (SVN) will offer us some depth. 

Deep Lying

Baştürk (TUR) * has been poor so far, but I'm hoping this will be his break-though season. 
Takács (HUN) has been successful as an AF, but can he cut it as a DLP. 
Romeo Doda (MKD) * is neither a DLF nor an AF. He's between the 2 which isn't ideal. 

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20 hours ago, Jimbokav1971 said:

Rankings. Jun 2040

European Competition rankings



European Club rankings






This is what is was. 


This is what it is now. 

5.980 Maribor (+6) Won the league, got the the Quarters in the Cup and lost on away goals in the Euro Conference 4th Qualifying Round
5,824 Mura (+6) Finished a lowly 5th in the league, got to the Semis in the Cup and the Europa League Group Stage
5,392 Domžale (+125) Finished 6th in the league, got to the Quarter-Finals in the Cup and got to the Euro Conference 2nd Qualifying Round
5,396 Olimpija (-33) Runners Up in the league and got to the Semi's in the Cup.
5,281 Koper (+80) 3rd in the league and Cup winners.

Wow, you are above Celtic in the rankings, they must have declined badly I guess over the years.

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2 hours ago, rrozek93 said:

Wow, you are above Celtic in the rankings, they must have declined badly I guess over the years.

Good spot. I hadn't noticed that. :applause:

It's not that much of a surprise though. We're in 2040 now and the only leagues active are the Balkan leagues. Scotland and England are both inactive. They are hardly active in the transfer market. 

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FC Koper, Slovenia. Jul 2040

PrvaLiga Telekom Slovenije. Two good home wins followed by a narrow away loss to last seasons Runners Up. 



European campaign. A decent 1st leg margin and I would hope that it's enough to see us through. 


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