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hi, in the game do Eritea ever play in international competitions, i started a game with them as the lowest ranked national side and i'm aware in real liefe they opted out of this years ACoN, hence not being in that in the game. But i'm now in game time at qualifying for the next one and they still don't seem to be entered, will i have the same issue with the world cup qulaifiers?

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For future reference in case anyone finds this thread doing a search, to provide useful evidence as opposed to the smart alec comment by @kentonizking 


Eritrea in game eventually end up taking part in world cup qualifying, however due to a bug they never take part in AFCoN qualifying. I will submit a report to the bugs forum to hopefully get this resolved by FM2022 as i imagine it will be too late and considered too unimportant for this game to be updated.

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Thanks for the reply, also glad you put the reply here as well as the bug forum to help people searching in the future. 


I was aware thats why they pulled out of the last one, but it is surprising as you'd think the risk of defecting at a WCQ was the same as an AFCoN qualifier. Either way thats a matter for their FA (or  I suspect more likely the government of the country). 


Thanks again for your response, hope me posting the thread in two locations didn't cause any issues. 

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