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Regens almost always represent their nation of birth. And are rarely willing to switch national teams.


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I was testing some things into the future and I noticed that in my future saves regens where almost always representing their birth nation. And even when uncapped at 30+, would be unwilling to switch to their second nationality.

Looking at players nation of birth in 2020, versus regens in 2033. It's clear that the represented nation differs from the NOB much more often in 2020.

Also in 2020 the NOB will sometimes be a better national team than the represented nation. For example Nicolas Pepe being born in France but representing the Ivory Coast.

In 2033 if NOB differs, it always seems to be the NOB having a worse national team. For example a player born in DR Congo representing France. 




This issue if especially noticeable in African countries, who irl often rely on talent who switch from the 'bigger' nations to them. Here you see that in 2020 7 Ivory Coast players were born in France. In 2033 it's only one regen (the two 30+ players are real players).




I do get that not all players want to switch to a weaker national team and will keep hoping to represent their first choice country. But when joining some nations as manager and approaching older players with a low CA (under 130, which is usually not good enough for a big nation like for example France) to play for my country.


In the vast majority of cases the response was "I want to keep commitment to this country, because their reputation is higher". 




It just seems dumb for every single one of these players to still be holding out for their nation of choice at their age and ability level. The worst one I found was a player who refused to play for England because France had a higher reputation.


If these players gave a different excuse like "I just don't identify with this country as much" I would already have less of an issue.

I did also get two different responses:

This 30 year old playing in Slovakia (if I recall correctly) did not want to switch to Turkey, because he wanted a chance to make the World Cup. Despite Turkey also having a chance to make the World Cup and his chances being much higher to actually make the Turkish squad.


The last one actually made sense. A Brazilian playing in Brazil with Italy as second nationality, was not a fan of the travel. But was even willing to reconsider (possibly if he got a move to Europe?)


I feel like this issue is worse in this edition and I saw more switches in previous years, but I haven't actually done any extensive tests in previous versions, so I can't be sure.

In general I just feel like it's not realistic, when you look at real life. It also weakens a lot of national teams based in countries with lesser facilities, who irl rely on players who developed in big European countries switching nations.


These screenshots keep appearing at the bottom and I can't seem to remove them...



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Would say the best time to check is during the lead up to an international tournament - fairly recently we've seen a number of players switch allegiances (Adams for Scotland, Laporte for Spain and a host of English based players to Jamaica in the lead up to the 2022 World Cup - would suggest looking again around the period leading towards a major international tournament and if you find you're still seeing the same issue, provide a save ideally mentioning a few specific players and we can investigate further.

Details on how to provide a save game can be found here - https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/538431-how-to-upload-files-to-us/

Remember to let us know the file name if you do provide one. Thanks. 

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I tried with a save in november 2033. Which is fairly close to a World Cup. But I could try March or May if that would be better.

I first tested some players with a CA a bit under 130 and age over 27 (I get younger players holding out for bigger teams).  I asked both real and generated players, to see if their responses were generally different.

I did:

Ludovit Reis: Netherlands to Slovakia: Reputation excuse
Robert Milanović: Germany to Croatia: Germany is more beneficial at this stage of his career.
Michael Olise: France to England: Reputation
Thierry Small: England to Jamaica: Reputation
Xavi Simons: Netherlands to Spain: Accepted. Which I expected. Because the reputation of Spain is higher. And reputation seems to be a major factor in player decision.


I also tested with some players under 100 CA. To see if they would be more willing.

I did:

Don O'Neil: Scotland to Ireland: Reputation
Igor Lukic: Bosnia to Serbia: Bosnia is more beneficial. 
Ismael El Abbassi: Belgium to Morocco: Accepted after guarantees of playtime.
Ibrahim Danquah: Germany to Ghana: Reputation
John Shepherd: England to Wales: Reputation

I uploaded both the save from before I asked as: 

  • Matthias Heymans - Unemployed 8 2034.11.07.fm

And the save where I joined all the national teams as:

  • Matthias Heymans - Unemployed 8 2033.11.07 NT Test.fm

I was doing some tests with editor data in these saves. I don't know if it would affect things. 


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