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Any way to roll back to or download version 12.1.0?

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Hi all, long time player here. 

Is there any way to legally download the apk for, or roll back to, version 12.1.0?

I made the below Super League for fun and a lot of players enjoyed it, but it no longer works. I recognise SI cannot support old versions or mods, so it would be with the understanding that it is at our own risk.



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For the future (won't help now I'm afraid), there are apps that can back up the different versions, so you can restore them later.

I use one called Android Assistant to back up FMM before I update, in case there are any bad bugs or my tactic stops working etc.

Sometimes saves from newer versions won't work with the older version once it's restored, and sometimes you need to uninstall FMM before you restore the APK, but it generally works - if you've remembered to make the backup before running the update in the first place.

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