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Match 7: Netherlands vs Ukraine 8pm BST - ITV - Live from Amsterdam

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I always thought Holland looked better in a back four under Koeman. Feel the same here. And they'll be better when de Ligt is back. They don't have many top players so always going to be tough when one of them is out, especially if he wants to persist with three at the back

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Yes! We win :cool: 

Only ever one winner of course. Brilliant game. Blew the opponent away. Contender for the title. 

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1 hour ago, thefmveteran86 said:

Very poor from the Dutch, they were giving Ukraine too much space, I wouldn't see England doing that against Croatia :thup::thup:

The Dutch played better than I expected, but playing like that, sooner or later they're going to get murdered on the counter. 

Ukraine had lots of quality combinations all over the pitch, Yaremchuk was absolutely excellent, Malinovsky, Zinchenko and Yarmolenko are clearly gifted, but they weren't exploiting the space in behind at all. It was baffling, I'm all for playing from the back and short passing but what good is it without penetration, doubly so when the opposition gives you so much space. Plus they just got cornered at the back far too often as they dropped too deep when defending, whenever they won the ball they didn't have any passing lanes forward so just gave it away quickly again. 

Imagine the Dutch trying to play like this against France or Belgium, Mbappe and Lukaku would have a wonderful day. 

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On 13/06/2021 at 22:32, Astafjevs said:

Was that a Dutch fan shaking hands with a Ukrainian?


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