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Match 3: Denmark vs Finland - 5pm (BST) BBC1 live from Copenhagen

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What an atmosphere in there, like chalk and cheese compared to the turgid game in Baku earlier. Wiki says smaller crowd on Matchday 1 and then Copenhagen increasing to 67% capacity from Matchday 2. Must have had 67% signed off straight off the bat. Surely must be more than 16k in there.

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This looks really bad. Looked like he was having some sort of spasm on the ground. So glad they stopped the game immediately and rushed the medics on.


**** is that CPR? Cut the cameras ffs.

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1 minute ago, Pukey said:

I didn't see it and assumed there was some clash. Rewound and saw there was no one near him. That's not good at all. Can only hope he's ok.

Yeah I thought he got hit by the ball and was just a bit groggy, but this is horrible.

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