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The Crystal Palace chairman must have been receiving a b*** job when he agreed to this 🤷🏼‍♂️ the year is only 2022. I am Southampton by the way so have absolutely nothing to do with this transfer.



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That is unusual - but I'd guess his contract was winding down (makes note to mention this in the news item if its the case for next years game).

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Thanks Marc.

Marc I have one more quick question if I may please, I finished 6th with Southampton in my 3rd season, with Euro qualification spots (highlighted in blue) available for top 7, and in the very next season I wasn’t in any European competition of any sort, is this correct?

Someone off forum mentioned to me that if the FA cup winner finish’s in the top 5 then 6th place doesn’t earn a European place, is this so?

Thank you Marc, sorry maybe I should have created a new thread for this question, my bad ✋🏼

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