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I earned promotion, player still doesn't want to sign to me

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So, I propted to Serie B, but the player I want still claims he only talks with me if I earn the promotion. I mean, yeah I'm still in div 3, but I am already champion, so I will start the next season in div 2 for sure, and he only can come to me then, in the transfer windors. So why is he still refuses to talk with me? My question is: Is it on purpuse? Because it sounds dumb if you ask me. (Its important because for those long months somebody could steal the player I want because of this.)  


Btw. its really fun I can win italian leagues with germans. Love Serie C, and really miss my good old Siena...


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12 hours ago, Vali184 said:

This has been a known issue for a very long time. The season has to actually reset for other players and coaches to see you as promoted.

It's a really frustrating issue, too. Number of times I've lost out on transfer targets, that I had the wage capacity to make very generous offers for, because the date hasn't magically passed the 'next season' line. Especially the case for free transfers who are running down their contracts, so loads of clubs are interested in March and April, but the player doesn't want to talk to me until June or July.

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