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I am baffled as to why some of my kits are not showing up.   Everything seems to be correct in my config file....  In some both the road and home jerseys are not showing 

up for some teams and in others just 1 of the 3 jerseys are not showing up.  In this example I am going by Flamengo in Brazil.   As you can see the road kit is just pulling the default from the game.  I have checked everything I can think of .... here is the config file below as well as the screen shot of jerseys... as you can see the secondary road jersey is not pulling from my kits...


<record from="flamengo_1" to="graphics/pictures/team/322/kits/home"/>
        <record from="flamengo_2" to="graphics/pictures/team/322/kits/away"/>
        <record from="flamengo_3" to="graphics/pictures/team/322/kits/third"/>



Actual kits in my folder



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Posted (edited)

looks like those links do not work anymore... do you happen to have the file for fm17 fix that you could send me?  or as another possibility will the one with FM21 work on FM17 by any chance?

in case you have it to send me my email address is bagman428@twc.com

Edited by bagman428
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Another reason kits dont work is they need to overwrite something . So if in the pre editor the team is showing no kit at all the kits you make or download wont overwrite it . In the Pre Editor you need a Shirt and the Text to be shown

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There is also another reason I am aware of, but only seems to affect kits not showing during a match, which is some clubs have multiple kits for various competitions. So Man U for instance will have a default kit, a champs league kit, a league cup kit etc. I’ve personally found conflicts with these comp kits that required me to remove the comp specific kits for any kit to show (default I guess). This can be done with the ingame editor. As above this only seems to stop kits showing IN match, for specific competitions.

So if Kits throughout the rest of the game work as expected, but IN match they’re missing, say in a champs league game, then perhaps this could be the issue.


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